Online Divorce Mediation for Wisconsin Contact iMediate


Online Divorce Mediation for Wisconsin Contact iMediate


Online Divorce Mediation for Wisconsin Contact iMediate

Why should I choose iMediate?

Face-to-Face| iMEDIATE allows you to have meetings on-line that are time convienent for all parties.

Not Drawn Out Process| Our goal is to try to complete the mediation in one setting.

Family | At iMEDIATE we realize long after the Courts and Attorneys are gone you need to be able to stil have a relationship, we try to teach you a new way to communicate for the sake of your family.

What is iMediate?

When you are going through a divorce there are many demands on your time, but doing on-line meidaiton will allow you to complete your divorce when it is convenient for you. You can do it from anywhere. We offer mediation via email, Skype, Facetime or video conferenceing. Even if you are not a computer expert you can manage the process of on-line mediation. This is not a fill-in-the-blank, figure it out on your own situation. iMediate will help you tailor your agreeement to reflect what you need and can help you get a fair and reasonable result for both parties. We will assure you that you can process your documents in any Wisconsin state courtroom.

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The Key Features of iMediate

Cost Effective

Mediation tends to be the most cost effective method for divorce. Parties share equally in the cost and therefore are equally vested in the outcome.

Time Efficient

Most mediations can be completed in one or two sessions. This helps parties keep their cost down. The goal is to keep more money in the pockets of the parties and less in the attorneys.

Family Focused

Mediation regonizes that long after the attorneys and courts are gone the now divided family will continue on. With decisions made together by the parties, there are better results, and less permanent damage to your emotions and continuing co-parent relationship.

Court Integrated

While mediaters can not draft documents at this time in Wisconsin. We can help assure that all of you documentation will be accepted by the courts.

How much does iMediate cost?

There is a flat fee of $1000 which each party should pay one half.

The fee includs two 45 minute mediation sessions, review of documents,

and a mediation memo memorializing your agrement for court.

You can purchase additional sessons if necessary.

Starting with iMediate

When you click the "Contact iMediateā€ button, you will be sent to a website that you can input your
information and we will email you back within 24 hours. If you are approved,
you will be sent a PayPal and when you pay, your session will start.

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iMediate, PO BOX 104, Grafton, Wisconsin, 53024

Phone: (262) 377-0600